Teachers Training

YOGA & BHAJAN Training

 Some of the topics that are deepened in the Formation:

  • The Yoga Experience. Vibrate the Union. Self knowledge.
  • Asanas or postures. Alignment, songs and stories.
  • Balancing the elements and the energy centers. Inner Silence…
  • Rebirthing experience. Healing childhood wounds. Healing Intention Circle.
  • Patanjali sutras seen with the eyes of the youngest.
  • Changes in human development; childhood and cycles.
  • Planning a class incorporating Stories, Games and Songs. Kundalini kriyas.
  • Techniques to apply at school and special events. Labyrinth.
  • Space of Celestial Communications and Human Values.

The Healing Circle, and opportunity to heal old wounds and finally let them go… Do not waste more time and let GOD, becoming the Divinity you are and everything is.

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